COP18 (05/12/12) – Yvette Abrahams, Researcher with Women for Climate Justice South Africa talks about the lack of climate finance being pledged in Doha.

She says while those from the global south should continue to push for huge flows of finance – both the ethical and economical case – if they did not get it in Doha, they will go home and get on with it as they were doing prior to the conference.

She says that people in the global north do not live in the real world with their air conditioned offices and cars and that they can go an entire day without seeing a tree. But in the global south she says, people are rebuilding their house for the second time after natural disasters or recovering from flooding for the third year running.

She describes the fact that the countries that have caused this problem are only offering a few million here or there for climate finance as ‘shameful’.

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By Kate