Short film by Marica de Michele of the performance “Misslightenment” by Eleni Ploumi.

Misslightenment is a physical performance with strong visual elements. Engaging in intricate interactions with projected imagery, a single performer onstage is transformed into multiple personas.
In a yet-to-be-written book, narratives unfold through the dynamic interplay of various female personas, utilizing striking overlays of shadow, light, and video. Woven together, creating animated images, the performer and her shadows tell divergent stories, oscillating between reality, fantasy and mythology.
“Misslightenment” is a work about the overshadowing of women’s stories, and subsequently bodies, by the male gaze. By giving light to — and drawing inspiration from – pre-existing narratives about mistreatment of women spanning from mythology to contemporary times, Eleni Ploumi looks at the stories from the arc of her personal perspective: what do they trigger in her, what kind of memories, experiences and reactions emerge…
At its core, “Misslightenment” delves into how the male gaze ‘produces’ women and their stories and provokes questions on how these interpretations shape today’s continued mistreatment of women.

Concept, choreography, visuals, soundscape & performance: Eleni Ploumi
Video editor & production assistance: Nikola Scheibe
Music track: Appalachian Grove I, Laurie Spiegel
Artistic advice: Pauline Roelants, Maarten van der Put
Dramaturgical advice: Danae Theodoridou
Photography: Clara Gustafsson
Videography: Marica De Michele
Projections support: Laura Papke
Poster, flyer and booklet design: T.M. Cabrera
Co-produced by: United Cowboys
Financially supported by: PLAN Brabant
Special thanks to De Blauwe Maan and Feniks Emancipatie Expertise Centrum Tilburg for the consultancy and input.

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By Kate