Many women have experienced indecent assaulted. The number of reported indecent assaulted cases has increased rapidly in Hong Kong. “Share indecent assaulted experience” is a hot topic on a popular Hong Kong forum on the Internet.

“Rewriting History” is a series of art works which aims to rewrite the artist’s and other victims’ personal experiences. It provides a way to face these negative experiences. Through cutting and sculpting, destructing and constructing, these negative feelings and one’s imagination can be released.

Each story in the art work has its uniqueness and tries to confront social misconceptions. For examples, some people think it is no big deal to touch women or to have sex with women without their consent because women fantasize about these things. In fact, women should have their autonomy over their bodies. Plus who would like having sex or being touched under threat and being humiliated? The crime can bring lasting trauma to the victims.

“Rewriting History” has 4 versions: writing, paper cutting, installation and animation. When comparing with other works with similar topic which put emphasis on the impact, Phoebe’s works are subtle and have kind of psychological undercurrent. These works help bring self-empowerment and encourage mutual respect society.

For this animation, when the artist was looking at her paper cutting, she could see them moving. Therefore she made an animation to put all the imaginative scenes together. There is a little girl fighting with a big hand. Big hand is a symbol of power. People sexual assaulted other people because of power. They need reassurance or they are assertive.

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「重寫歷史」有四個版本: 文字創作、 剪紙 、裝置 和動畫。相比一些著重震撼力的同類作品,文晶瑩採用含蓄但又有張力的手法。作品可說是一個解咒與自我充權的過程,並希望能引起社會對有關問題的關注,以及推廣一個兩性互相尊重的社會。

Screening History:
2015 Changing rules by funny games and life experiments: Phoebe Man Video Art Solo Screening (以遊戲玩樂的生活實驗翻轉符碼:文晶瑩錄像藝術放映) EXiM: Experimental Moving images in Macao, Macau.
2011″The Other: Hong Kong Experimental Shorts, Videotage, Hong Kong.
2011 10 Years of Fotanian: Fotanian Open Studios 2011, Wah Luen 1820, Fotan, Hong Kong.
2010 EX!T 2010 Experimental Media Art Festival in Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan.
2010 Shifting Definitions, OV gallery, Shanghai, China.

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By Kate