After surviving the devastation of typhoon Haiyan and spending the proceeding month living in evacuation tents, Mana Rina and her family return to their home to begin the long process of rebuilding. The homes in Palaypay-Basey, Samar were built above a swamp susceptible to extreme flooding during high tide. As a result of the typhoon, these homes were severely damaged— some completely destroyed and washed out to sea. This film observes a day in the life of Maria Rina’s family shortly after their return home.

One month after Haiyan, I flew to the Philippines alongside Kevin Ito to document the aftermath of this typhoon and its repercussions on one particular company named Banago. Banago is a company based in Basey, Samar that creates hand woven baskets and home accessories incorporating traditional techniques and design. In the 3 years since it had been established, Banago had employed over 400 women before the typhoon destroyed their only factory and devastated the lives of its many artisans. In this last year since the typhoon, Banago has been focused on rebuilding livelihood for these women and using the same model of their successful brand to revive surrounding regions. In hopes of attracting media attention and global support, we offered a hand in bringing the reality of this situation to the rest of the world. One year later, I introduce this documentary to return our awareness to this ongoing recovery.

For more information or donations to Banago and their efforts visit:


Special Thanks – Mana Rina and her family, Banago, Eva Marie and Patrick.
Filmed and Directed by Erik T Butts
Additional Filming by Kevin Ito

All proceeds from the tip jar of this video will be donated to Banago’s Livelihood efforts.

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By Kate