We are again blessed to have the amazing Molly Galbraith on the podcast!

Marika and Antony have both had the pleasure of getting to know Molly over the past 5 years and are thrilled to talk to her about her new book, Strong Women Lift Each Other Up.

Molly Galbraith, CSCS, is the cofounder of Girls Gone Strong (GGS), the world’s largest platform providing evidence-based, interdisciplinary health, fitness, nutrition, and pregnancy education for women and the health and fitness professionals who work with them—including industry-leading certification programs and coaching.

The “Strong Women Lift Each Other Up” philosophy is woven through the fabric of GGS, as Molly leads a team of women from the US, Canada, UK, Mexico, India, and Australia. From employing and educating, to featuring, collaborating with, and investing in women, GGS is dedicated to serving their community of women from 80+ countries around the world.

In the podcast we talked about soooo much great stuff, including:
– how this book came about and how women lifting each other up has helped Molly get to where she is today
– some of the statistics around representation of women in government and executive positions… and ways that we can help change this.
– why making the biggest difference with the least amount of harm is her highest value
– why the book is structured the way it is – to help the reader move through the stages of working on their own care first (eg on jealousy and the comparison trap) in order to feel able to truly support other women
– why understanding your values truly helps you a more fulfilling life and be true to yourself
– how helping lift other women up can be small, simple things such as a compliment or a recommendation
– how you can find your superpower and level up your support of other women!

We love Molly’s book and would love everyone to get out and buy it and tell us what you think (no, we are not making commission!!). The book is not only filled with fabulous advice, interesting stories and reflective questions, but also a ton of online resources.

You can buy her book at https://www.mollygalbraith.com/book2

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