Dramedy short film exploring a day-in-the-life of a teenage girl with a dysfunctional home life. Kate struggles to maintain the attention and affection of her child-like father, Robert, who dates much younger women. When Robert’s girlfriend comes over to visit, she and Kate have a cryptic face-off about their secrets. Starring: Zoe Scott, Ava West, Luke Hope, and Megan Grech.

Director / Writer / Co-Producer / Casting Director: Lainey Lipson
DoP / Camera Operator: Luke Hackett
1st AC: Lawrence Collette
2nd AC: Kato Murphy
Gaffer: Georgia Sewell
Producer: Matt Watson
Sound: Nikki Taylor
Editor: Leticia Lemos
Production Designer: Aerin Albinson
1st AD: Jesse Badham

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By Kate