The Promise & Power campaign transformed Alverno College’s campus. Three Alverno women guide viewers through the new spaces and share how Alverno is now transforming them.

This video incorporates music from the following sources:
Josh Woodward – Soft Orange Glow (Instrumental Version) – http://

Josh Woodward – Once Tomorrow (Instrumental Version) – http://

Josh Woodward – Crazy Glue (Instrumental Version) – nsh5zyd

Josh Woodward – Little Tomcat (Instrumental Version) – oh65lo8

Josh Woodward – East Side Bar (Instrumental Version) – qcssrqm

Löhstana David – La Rupture (Instrumental Version) – owbfv6z

Josh Woodward – Shadows in the Moonlight – (Instrumental Version) –

Josh Woodward – Memorized – (Instrumental Version) – notj6zz

Josh Woodward – Stars Collide – (Instrumental Version) – pdfm4h9

All licensed under: CC BY SA Attribution 3.0

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By Kate