Reflections and insights from a young girl and a woman on what being a strong woman means and looks like.

Group Statement: This film is composed of two females talking about their personal stories. While we were interviewing our subjects, we learned a lot more about their lives and themselves.

Anecdotes: Interviewing people we know personally was a new experience. It allowed us to learn more about our interviewees than we may have known before. We learned about what the interviewees cared about and their personal opinions on strong women.

Layla Isaacs – Producer/Press Kit: Layla just graduated from Farrington High School, class of
2015. She joined Hawaii Women in Filmmaking on an internship. Since then, she has learned a
lot about filmmaking and its excruciating process, but then again, it’s great to be a part of this
wonderful experience. She was involved in sports such as softball and enjoys hanging out with
friends. Soon she will be attending to Tarrant County College and beginning her path of
becoming a Dermatologist and excelling in college sports.

Trinity Lonoae`a – Director/Press Kit: Trinity is a senior at Kalani High School. She had never
experienced anything like Hawaii Women in Filmmaking, but always loved movies and
documentaries. She has always loved the truth, and thought that through documentaries she
might be able to show the world the truth and maybe change others opinions on subjects. Her
passion has always kept her going through trials and tribulations from the time she was very
young. Later in life for her is still a mystery: she expects it to be messy and likes it that way.

Ella Sarina Lacanienta – Director/Editor: Ella is currently attending Punahou School as a
junior. She has won local, statewide, and national visual art competitions. In terms of music, Ella
is a participant in a program called the Carnegie Royal Conservatory of Music. There are ten
levels that must be achieved before a student may receive a teacher’s diploma in the program;
she will be adjudicated for the ninth level this year. In addition, Ella has had some experience
with filmmaking. In eighth grade, Ella received an award for winning the statewide Youth
Exchange Film Competition with a documentary that raised awareness about domestic violence.
Ella’s recent documentary about female adolescents’ perspectives on their appearance was
entered into the Hawaii International Film Festival. This upcoming year, Ella will be working on
another documentary about young males and their perspective on gender stereotypes.

Rosanna Jane Anub – Sound/Editor: Rosanna is a 2015 graduate from W.R. Farrington High
School. She will attend Honolulu Community College for two years before transferring to
Northern Arizona University for film for another two years. She has been a participant with
Hawaii Women in Filmmaking for the entirety of her 2015 summer break. During her time being
in the summer camp, she had a blast with her fellow teammates. She got to experience
amazing new things that she had not learned before. Joining this camp was a great idea
because in the future, she wants her career to be as a director, actress, or an editor. And if
those three does not work out, then she will probably be a writer.

Shayden Glenn – Director/Director of Photography/Editor:
Shayden Glenn is a sophomore at La Pietra Hawaii School for Girls. She enjoys playing
basketball, traveling, and spending time with her friends and family. She has always had an
interest in movies and film, which led her to join Hawaii Women in Filmmaking’s Making Media
That Matters program. She has learned many new things from working behind the scenes and
hopes to continue using what she has learned in her future.

Special Thanks:
We would like to thank our wonderful mentor Sam Sakamoto for all her amazing guidance and
huge assistance in making this possible and Ciara Lacy for always encouraging us with her
great advice. Huge thank you to Vera Zambonelli and Hawaii Women in Filmmaking for giving
us this opportunity!

Directors – Trinity Lonoae`a, Ella Sarina Lacanienta, Shayden Glenn
Producer- Layla Isaacs
Director of Photography – Shayden Glenn
Sound- Rose Jane Anub, Ella Sarina Lacanienta, Makena Duffy
Light- Samantha Sakamoto
Editor- Rose Jane Anub, Ella Sarina Lacanienta, Shayden Glenn

Interview Subjects
Thaila Kaikana (Trinity’s Mother)
Shansley Glenn (Shayden’s sister)
Joy Lacanienta (Ella’s Mother)
Press Kit – Layla Isaacs, Trinity Lonoae`a
Advisors – Ciara Lacy, Samantha Sakamoto

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