A short film created at the Reel Stories Institute in June 2018 by Sophie Frey, Sasha Green, Liz Tril, Kayla Wong, Olivia Dorrance, and Clarissa Lam. Starring Mia Cohen.

A young woman named Cleo lives in a society where many people regularly take a drug called “Euphoria” to make them constantly happy and devoid of other strong emotions. This drug was meant to reduce the depression and suicide rates that had been prominent before. However, when Cleo no longer has access to Euphoria she experiences the vast scale of other emotions and has to make the difficult decision of whether she should continue to live in constant happiness or face the good and bad of true feeling.

This film was color corrected at Mission Film and Design in San Francisco.

Blue has been a finalist for for Best Screenplay for the Opficer Media Student Film Festival, and a finalist in the narrative short category of Cinema Ed’s Young Filmmaker’s Track at the 2019 Soma Film Festival.This film has been featured in the Coven Film Festival, the Girls Make Movies Film Festival by Hawai’i Women In Filmmaking, Drunken Film Festival, and the American High School Film Festival.

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By Kate