Today, many people are striving to make healthy and eco-friendly decisions to improve the health of their families. Often products we use daily such as soaps and shampoos are not given a second thought. The average consumer is unaware of the dangers that may be lurking in products they use so faithfully every day.

For example, a common item like shampoo contains chemicals that can be harmful. A large number of the synthetic ingredients found in shampoos are known carcinogens. While manufacturers claim the amounts of these chemicals are small, there are questions about how safe it is to use these products regularly. There is a risk of allergic reaction with prolonged exposure. Since shampoo comes into contact with the skin, that means the chemicals can be absorbed directly into the body. People conscious of these issues have been looking for a safe alternative to chemical based shampoos.

Organic shampoos are becoming increasingly popular because of their many benefits. First and foremost they eliminate the exposure to the harmful synthetic chemicals and alcohols found in regular shampoos. This means they can be used daily without the fear of side effects. When comparing the ingredient list from a regular shampoo to an organic one, there is a pronounced difference. Organic shampoos contain just a few natural ingredients, while a chemical based shampoo usually has a lengthy list of unpronounceable chemical names.

Some people think that using organic shampoos will not provide the results they are looking for, but that is not the case. Using all natural substances helps to moisturize and repair hair. The organic ingredients are also beneficial for the scalp since it gets pampered with natural oils and extracts. Organic shampoos contain such ingredients as coconut oil, green tea, aloe vera, chamomile, and shea butter. Treating hair with these all natural components keeps hair healthy and shiny. No chemicals needed! Also, the blending of essential oils and herbs provides organic shampoos with a pleasant, fresh scent.

When choosing an organic shampoo it is important to ensure its quality. Some shampoos brag about their natural ingredients, but they are often mixed with a chemical base. Choose a shampoo that says it is “100% organic.” When in doubt, read the label. If there are chemical additives, it is not a truly organic shampoo. There are a variety of organic shampoos on the market. However there are also recipes available for organic shampoos that can be made at home. Many people have benefited from making their own shampoo. Not only do they make themselves healthier, but they also help the environment by reducing the amount of plastic bottles that reach the landfills.

Therefore, opting for organic shampoo offers many advantages. Organic shampoos prevent you from being exposed to harsh chemicals on a daily basis. The natural essences provide great results, are gentle, and will improve the health of your hair and scalp. When choosing an organic shampoo make sure the ingredient list is composed of only natural ingredients and says “100% organic.”

Source by Amy Nutt

By Kate