To the divorced woman committed to healing the wounds, rebuilding, & opening her heart up to love again – you have my unconditional applause.

I’m going to go against the grain here and make a BOLD statement: Healing our relationship with ourselves and getting into a healthy, happy relationship after a divorce (even a painful one) doesn’t have to take years.

My clients (women over the age of 40) go from repeating the same toxic emotional patterns and running on the relationship treadmill, wondering if they’ll ever meet the right man, to having an amazing life, and a passionate relationship with someone they can truly connect with, much quicker than they ever imagined.

They’re not relying on dating apps, friends setting them up, or immersing themselves in self-help books …

Instead, they’re using a simple strategy to free themselves from the emotional tsunami’s that are keeping them a prisoner to their past and finding love again, in a committed relationship with a man that adores them.

To find out how they’re doing this, watch this masterclass where I share all the details. It’s absolutely worth your time.

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By Kate