Creatively based on true events, Duality presents a birds’ eye view on mental illness in the homeless community and the never-ending challenge some face when protecting a loved one. Set in Los Angeles, the overarching views of the mountains, stellar topography and infinite beaches set the tone of unmatchable beauty. Within its beauty lies an ugly truth of a large community suffering and coping with the effects of PTSD and Bi-polar Disorder. This beautifully written-action based short film offers a glimpse into the lives of two women opposite in nature and their dealings with the effects of trauma, loss and hope.


“What a beautiful and moving piece. It’s wonderful how the film was able to convey so much, while actually “saying” so little! No need for extraneous dialogue or visuals . . . just the power of transforming your pain into perseverance and ultimately to the cover and recovery of love.” Dawnn Lewis, Actress

“Duality gracefully tackles the complexities of trauma, mental health, and it’s ripple effects while capturing the essence of sisterhood coated with excellent cinematography and compelling performances.” Omar Dzlieri, Writer/Director

“Duality’s deeply resonant subject matter will remain with the viewer long after the film has ended.” Jenna Reback, Writer

“Duality is a brilliant and thought provoking film—beautifully crafted with multidimensional meaning. Truly a joy to see.” Kazembe Ajamu, Producer

“Poignant, touching, and surprisingly layered. A beautiful film, in both cinematography and story.” Judyth Brooke, The Inside Noise Show

“Duality is an empathetic look at mental illness. Expertly performed and written with attention to detail, it made me want to see more of the story. Bravo!” Mark Paladini, CSA

“Duality is a tearjerker. The music moves the story beautifully. The sisters dual quest is clear-believable and the cinematography captures it all!” Tonea Stewart, Actress

“Duality is the best/most realistic portrayal of someone with that type of mental illness. It was so lovingly and beautifully lived on the screen that I felt I could enter into the world without judgement or distraction. What a powerful and necessary story.” Margaret C., Actress

“Duality was very engaging, dramatic, and left me wanting to see more!” Jim Wise, Director

“I couldn’t believe ya’ll captured that much emotion in 10 minutes. It was so good. My heart could really connect to the story.” John, Filmmaker

“Compelling, Invigorating, and very needed, especially with the amount of homelessness in our country.” Festival Attendee

“I’m from LA. I know this world. I slept in my car for 8 months and thought I’d never make it out. I saw myself in your film, so thank you.” James, LA Actor

“The performances were outstanding and real. I believed every single second ya’ll were onscreen. Thank you for showing up.” Bruce, Actor/Teacher

“The homeless epidemic is out of control and we need stories like this.” -Bronzelens Film Festival Moderator

“Thoughtful, compelling, poignant.” Independent Film Critic

“I love seeing black women doing their thing. I really liked it. Good work.” Lauren, Black Actress


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Lakefront Film Festival
LaFemme Film Festival
Indie Night Film Festival
Moving Parts Film Festival
Charlotte Black Film Festival
Reel Black Men Film Festival
LA Cine Festival Semi-Finalist
Bronze Lens Film Festival–ATL
Hollywood Short & Sweet Film Festival
Montreal International Black Film Festival

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