On the anniversary of my baby sister’s death I was trying to pull myself out of a depression and my eyes fell on this disc from my fathers film we found in the attic.”
-TheRese Aduni

Filmed on the COVID-19 safe porch of a genius and screened on the day of told independence, we are welcoming freedom and beginning a series of “Visual Poems” in IG TV for our artists tonight.

What is a Visual Poem? A traditional narrative moves from left to right and is driven by chronological events from chapter to chapter. Our Visual Poems (TM) move from stanza to stanza like a poem and flow with the heartbeat of the storyteller to the sound of originally arranged music. In these insta-films we highlight the work and lives of our @greenwood.art.project artists as a sonnet of love and empowerment.

Our first is made to honor the life and love of filmmaker, playwright, and dancer @womenofthevillagesllc . We listened to this Tulsa native share the story of how depression and loss turned into resurrection and hope. Born at the historic North Tulsa Moton Hospital. Graduate of Booker T. Washington High School (cheerleader). She served 30+ years in theater, playwright, director, writer (former African dancer with the NAJWA Dance Corps- Atlanta, Ga). Returned to Tulsa in 2001 to explore creative imaginations in her roots.

Her project: Rebuilding Black Wall Street”TM documentary is about the rebuilding after the 1921 Massacre.
Actual moving pictures of Tulsa men and women who stayed (or came) after the massacre to rebuild the area. The film is from home movies taken by Harold M. Anderson whose family endured and stayed during the rebuilding. The film is depicting neighbors, friends and business associates living in Tulsa and running businesses on Greenwood during the years of 1948-1960.

Director Marlon F. Hall
Director of Photography Brian Ellison
Producer Shelly Travis
Music Jawaad Taylor
Burniss Earl Travis ||
Denis Cisneros

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By Kate