I meet the blue saree lady again on her way to her old house. Among ruins of other houses I ask her to show me her house. She walks into her house telling me she was asleep at the moment the earthquake hit and tried to get out but fell to the floor. Where she tried to bump towards the door and got stuck in the entrance. Probably unknowing that she sat on a safe sport. She tells about big rain and huge rocks falling from the hillside 20 meters from her house. Her face is sad and still scared. Her name is Hima Devi Amgaen she is a widow since 3 years, has two sons.

Bernina Sysenter and Kjoledamen, two women working with dresses and sticking in Stavanger, west coast of Norway has sponsored the rebuilding of an earthquake safe house for her. To support families in Muchok Olang donate here – http://www.rebuild-nepal.org

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By Kate