Join LLC and Brittni Chicuata in a conversation about reparations to explore how we navigate the journey toward mending in policy and community. Through candid discussions, we’ll delve into the heart of mending relationships, reimagining possibilities, and revitalizing faith in collective action.

Key Themes and Discussion Points:

1. Mending Faith in Policy: We’ll reflect on experiences where policies have failed or been defunded and discuss strategies for rebuilding trust and resilience within communities. We’ll share insights into recognizing and overcoming biases that hinder mending efforts within the policy sphere.

2. Community Engagement in Policy-making: What does engaged community involvement look like, and how can empowered individuals self-organize around their values?

3. Safe Spaces for Black Leadership: Recognizing the unique challenges faced by Black leaders, particularly women, we’ll reflect on how our dreams for liberation can flourish without constraints.

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By Kate