��One of the most important criteria in functional natural tamponless (95% of patients) nose aesthetics (rhinoplasty) is that there should be no problems with nose shape and airway patency in the long term (after 1-2 years).
�As in this patient, the skull-nasal dorsum (back) and nose-lip angles must have been calculated correctly.
� While this angle is greater in women (for example, the dorsum of the nose is more ‘slide’-like), it is flatter in men.
�For this reason, it is very important that you inform your Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon and send a photo / video / have it taken at 1, 3, 5 and 10 years after the surgery (the patient in the video is in his 6th year ❗️)
�Although the post-operative edema largely disappears in 6-12 months, it actually takes 2 years for the nose to take its millimetric shape.
�Patients who want to undergo secondary (secondary or re-surgery) or revision must comply with these periods, otherwise undesirable consequences are more likely to occur.
�After nose surgery, more or less surgeons around the world may need revision, this is an expected situation and the patient and doctor should decide on revision together.
�Unfortunately, patients’ unrealistic expectations and the extraordinary expectations created by social media and the press also cause wrong decisions to be made regarding revision surgery.
�Also, patients should not forget that the nose structure changes, especially in the first 3-6 months after surgery and up to 2 years.
� Long-term post-operative appearance after 2 years should be considered the main criterion.
�This does not mean that our clinic does not make revisions, our main philosophy is to minimize this risk as much as possible.
�Revision surgeries are necessary even in the most assertive clinics in the world, and it is beneficial for patients to undergo surgery knowing this.
�As a clinic, we plan the post-operative period with the 3Dvectra (3D imaging) system before the surgery, and this system is of great importance for the patient and the surgeon.
�Important Warning!
✏️The shared photos/videos have been camouflaged in an unrecognizable manner, with patient approval, and are placed solely for scientific information sharing❗️
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