Coverings 2022 Conference Session
Come explore the topic of women on the jobsite and in the workplace in this panel discussion. Our panel features a representative from the local chapters of the National Association of Women in Construction, and AIA, as well as a female tile contractor — the first female trainer with the National Tile Contractors Association — and representative of the Women in Stone program of the Natural Stone Institute. What advantages do women bring to the job? What emerging opportunities are there for women in construction and architecture? How do industry segments support diversity, equality and inclusion through learning, employment opportunities and mentorship? As the employment picture has shifted as a result of the pandemic, are their new openings for women to bring their gifts, talents and skills into the workplace? What challenges do women have to overcome – in terms of perception, assumptions, opportunities or skills, and what successes have been logged along the way? Come learn about the powerhouse that women bring to the job, and how to tap into the energy of DEIvinity in our industry.

Moderator: Lesley Goddin, TileLetter
Panelists: Molle Elkman, The House That She Built; Sarah Gregg, NSI; Monica Gresser, BRAZEN Architecture; Melisa Swan, Tilevita

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By Kate