by Angela E. Soper
Danica Anderson is a forensic psychotherapist and international crisis/disaster responder who has traveled the world working with people who have experienced trauma. As a new therapist in the late 90s, she soon became a psycho-social gender victims’ expert for the International Criminal Court. Her interviewing and counseling assignments immersed her in the horrific stories experienced by victims of war. She soon realized traditional therapy and counseling did not work with people who were suffering from such catastrophic trauma.
Overwhelmed and frustrated, she received the most important training of her career when she traveled to Bosnia, the homeland of her parents, and observed and worked with Bosnian war survivors. Anderson watched as women who had no money, no psychological training and no experts on hand used the Slavic circle, or kolo, of friends for support to help heal themselves. Anderson realized these women were rebuilding their communities by intuitively tapping into a unique social healing intelligence based in female biological and neurological processes. As Anderson became the student and learned from these women, she developed her own kolo treatment training that she now uses around the globe to help trauma victims heal themselves and stop the cycle of intergenerational violence.

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