Lamunu Irene joined the Mend project in 2007 as one of our original 10 seamstresses. Mend provides Irene with a much-needed job, the ability to use her skills to create something beautiful, and a community of women that understand her. In the past five years, Mend has changed Irene’s life and the lives of her family members.

Irene’s son Steward, now eight years old, has completed kindergarten and is in primary three, on his way to achieving his dream of becoming a doctor. Steward may have been inspired by his aunt, Irene’s sister, who is currently attending nursing school, paid for by Irene. One of Irene’s proudest accomplishments is the purchase of land and construction of a six-room semi-permanent home that she rents out for additional income. In this way, Irene has ensured a permanent home for her young son and a sanctuary for her family.

As she rides her bike to and from work, Irene dreams of going back to school. Like many others, Irene’s life was harshly interrupted by the war that waged in northern Uganda for over 20 years. Irene was forced to quit school at a young age and was a mother by 17. But today she is rebuilding her life and confident in achieving her dreams.

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By Kate