[Post-WWII, Czechoslovakia]
Nut (?) orchard; women under trees gathering.
00:00:40 01:23:24 Men picking peaches (?). Line of men plowing / hoeing field. Row of mules pulling ??. Cattle herded by boy; grazing. Women hoeing crop w/ village on hill behind.
00:01:57 01:24:41 Hops growing on wires.
00:02:26 01:25:10 Men & women w/ hay knives past barn; infield scything; large industrial plant beyond grain fields. Shocking grain; tying bundles; wagon of bundled grain.
00:03:40 01:26:24 Combine cutting grain. LS, MS. Men loading bags of grain into wagon.
00:04:18 01:27:02 Destroyed factory buildings, WW2; Steam train of rubble. Men cleaning bricks; rebuilding factory.
00:05:04 01:27:48 Men looking at plans on housing site; women & men pouring cement w/ wheelbarrows.
00:05:26 01:28:10 Ext. of large exhibition hall (?). People looking in windows of building w/ star on RSC.
00:05:31 01:28:15 Int. Soviet meeting w/ Czechoslovakian & USSR flags & men & delegates seated.
00:05:36 01:28:20 CU Photographs of Stalin & Klement Gottwald above VIPs. MCU men & woman on dais. MCU Gottwald. Delegates stand & applaud.
00:05:54 01:28:38 Scenic of old city. Modern government building; Soviet signs.
00:06:06 01:28:50 Night & people on truck thru crowded street. Int. political meeting; CU Gottwald.
00:06:16 01:29:00 LS old government building. Rebuilding, factories w/ USSR stars on them.
00:06:33 01:29:17 Men walk past graffiti on building: Narodni Majetek. Into meeting w/ Stalin & ?? on wall.
00:06:55 01:29:39 Factory chimneys. Int. Skoda Works w/ overhead crane. Partially completed locomotives. CU sign. Steel mill w/ large billet; men rolling steel.
00:07:26 01:30:10 Men on canal boat beside crates marked w/ UNRRA Czechoslovakia. Metal wheels for farm equipment.
00:07:39 01:30:23 Int. men assembling grain combines. Combine harvesting grain.
00:07:51 01:30:35 Town square w/ market stalls, people shopping at vegetable stands; people reading bulletin boards. Communist monument; City view.
Post-WW2; Rebuilding; Propaganda; Communism Daily Life; 1940s; 1950;
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