Over 500 delegates from the MUA’s rank and file will be joined by international transport union representatives, domestic trade union visitors and observers at the Maritime Union’s Quadrennial National Conference, held in Adelaide.

The Conference plays an essential role in the democratic processes of the 151 year old organisation as the highest governance forum of the Union. Throughout more than 150 years, the MUA has prevailed against bad employers, international cartels, conservative governments, media tycoons and more recently anti-worker technologies like Artificial Intelligence and automation.

There have been attempts to deregister the Union, officials and members have been gaoled and prosecuted, and activist members have on occasion been seriously injured and killed in the defence of their Union. The MUA has met these challenges on every occasion with the courage, foresight and unity of generations of maritime workers and their families and with support of other working men and women in Australia and internationally.

Throughout that rich and important history, our strategies, policies, political campaigns and resolutions have originated from National Conferences. The overarching theme of this Quadrennial Conference is ‘United & Stronger’ as the Union looks ahead to the next four years of industry development, membership growth and consolidation of its enviable position in maritime workplaces throughout Australia.

Members will gather to propose, debate and settle the future agenda of the MUA in the richest traditions of democracy, transparency and working class political leadership developed over 150 years of the Union’s long and remarkable history. #maritimeunionau #tradeunion #tradeunions #union #maritime #maritimeindustry

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By Kate