Directed, choreographed and performed by Mexican choreographer-director Camila Arroyo, and created in collaboration with designer Sabrina Olivera, “Soldaderas” is a contemporary interpretation of the figure of the Soldadera, known as the women fighters of the Mexican revolution. The choreographic portrait follows a young woman as she dances her way through Mexico City, capturing her twists and turns as well as the different self-fashioning rituals that accompany her. The film is also a moving archive of Olivera’s first collection, created in honor of the Soldaderas for her upcoming brand Sabrina Ol. The movement in the film plays with the idea of the word soldar, translated in English as to weld. Centering this action, the choreographic language plays with the actions of melting, and rebuilding, braiding and forging as a backbone to how the protagonist moves around the city. As we watch the film, we play dress up with the dancer and sink into our bodies, allowing her movements to travel through us.

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By Kate