A chance encounter between two women in one small space leads to more than they bargained for after they both try to escape a house party to the “best place in the whole house”.

‘Hers’ is the first film Alexa Morden has written and produced and was awarded an Honourable Mention for Best Women Short at the Independent Shorts Awards in LA. It has also been featured as a “Short of the week” at On The Scene and Female Voices Rock Festival as well as an official selection for Retrospective of Jupiter which showcases “the latest films of the next generation’s talented young filmmakers.” 

“Some may consider the so-called ‘X-rated’ content here as being too much. Some would argue that it has been pulled straight from the Fleabag Scriptures. In either case, Hers feels fresh and raw (in spite of the ordinariness of its characters and its mundane setting) suggesting that such explicit conversation around women’s sexual experiences remains rare onscreen.” – Gareth Williams from Get The Chance

Starring Alexa Morden and Katie Elin-Salt
Directed by Matt Holt

Director Of Photography – Matt Wicks
Sound Recordist – Tom Bartlett
Assistant Director – Crystal Leaity
Hair and Makeup – Neecol Corry
Editor – Alex Hardy
Sound Design – Matthew Dempsey
Colourist and Graphics – Tom Worth

Likes: 12



By Kate