Since 1974 HONOR has provided all Orange County residents in need a safe environment that is committed to rebuilding the self-esteem and dignity of all those we are blessed to serve. With the goal of self-sufficiency in mind HONOR provides:

Crisis intervention
Residential stabilization & rehabilitation
Vocational skills
HONOR is a private not-for-profit multifaceted service organization. The agency operates 15 independent yet integrated licensed programs and is under contract to provide services with Orange County Government. We are strongly rooted within the Orange County community and maintain agreements with over 60 providers of health, mental health, substance abuse, legal and homeless services on behalf of the clients we serve. Our 24 hour triage call center is the entry point into a coordinated system of care for the homeless and our primary focus is to first provide immediate stabilization (providing, shelter, food, clothing, safety and emergency health, mental health and substance abuse services) through immediate connections to specialty providers and secondary care management.

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