Lucy and Bear (short film, 2015)
Writer & Director: Angela Chen
Producer: Sienna Beckman

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Video transcript:
1:14: Hey!
1:18: Where do you think you’re going?
1:21: No, thank you.
1:25: We gotta eat something.
1:30: I’m ready to go visit her.
1:35: Not today Luce.
1:36: You said that yesterday.
1:39: Tomorrow.
1:39: Today!
1:40: Lucy please!
1:43: Go to your room.
1:45: No.
1:46: Go to your room.
1:47: No.
2:01: Go to your room.
2:02: No.
2:03: Go to your room.
2:05: No.
2:12: Hi Lucy.
2:13: Helping.
2:15: Oh, the door is locked.
2:19: How do you get out?
2:20: I don’t know.
2:21: Lucy?
2:24: Lucy?
2:25: Lucy?
2:30: You can’t go look for her.
2:31: But I’ll be right back.
2:40: Mom’s not coming back.
2:44: You promised I could go see her.
2:46: She was sick Lucy.
2:47: Don’t say she was sick.
2:50: Lucy.
2:53: Mom got sick and left us.
2:56: Why would she leave me?
3:02: She didn’t leave you, Lucy.
3:07: She got sick.
3:09: She’s gone.
4:12: Bear?
4:19: I don’t want dad to go away.
4:22: Oh, don’t be sad Lucy.
4:25: You still got me, and dad.

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By Kate