A faux documentary in the cinema verite tradition, shot over three days in Bovina NY, “Anatomy” is a partly scripted, partly improvised, composite of real women’s stories.

The film was inspired by the one hour German television documentary, “Anatomy of a Face,” about 1960s actress Romy Schneider. 

A journey into the inner and private everyday life of a fictionalized model turned well known film actress, now in her 40s, telling stories of sexual abuse on sets. Written, directed and shot by Hellin Kay, starring Taylor Foster. Produced and edited by Hellin Kay, music composed by Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurrians, with additional stories by Taylor Foster.

This is a woman’s story of sexual abuse on film and photo sets, which is sadly not new — not new in fashion or entertainment circles– but finally being talked about in our industry more openly. The film is a combination of real life stories from women we know, women we know of and our own stories all rolled into one female character that represents all of us, from an early age when we have all been the subject of unwanted attention, touching and outright assault from people we have known and trusted.

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By Kate