Written, recorded and filmed 28th November to 1st December 2016, on location at the Strong Young Women’s Camp at The Chifley in Alice Springs and Yuendumu.
The Strong Young Women’s Camp was held for Young Pregnant mums by Red Dust Role Models in conjunction with WYDAC, to facilitate discussions around pregnancy and motherhood.
An important component was visits to hostels and the hospital birthing centre,
Four weeks before she is about to give birth, a young women from Yuendumu makes the long journey into Alice Springs for ‘sit down’ to stay in a purpose built hostel with other mums and prepare for the birth of her child. (the song names checks one such hostel ‘Sid Ross Hostel’) This can be a lonely time… a long way from family.
The song (written by the mums) and video seek to reassure the mums that they will be well looked after, comfortable and in good hands and can look forward to returning to Yuendumu with their new baby to the many ‘mums’ that will help them with the journey of being a mother.

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By Kate