Even though the number of women in leadership has grown in the past five years, women are still very much underrepresented at every level in key roles in the workplace and in every industry. Many organizations often advocate the criticality of advancing women to higher level roles, but little is usually done within these organizations to remove structural barriers and gender bias that contribute to the lack of women in leadership roles, nor to implement effective support for women to help them be prepared to pursue, and to tackle, these higher-level roles.

To stem the loss of additional female talent from their dwindling labor pool, there is a clear urgency for companies to invest in their women employees and in addition to fairly compensating them for their hard work, provide their women employees with ample opportunities to grow, lead and feel valued.

Companies have the responsibility to look at how they evaluate and promote female employees and ensure that women are being given a fair shot. Many are now more proactive in finding new ways to address the gender imbalances within their organization, but clearly there is still a lot of work that can be done to reduce, and eventually erase, institutional bias.

There are also other challenges that may hold back women from gaining satisfaction in their jobs. achieving coveted leadership positions or leading effectively:
• Lacking confidence to ask for what they need, whether it’s for a raise, a more flexible schedule or additional team support
• Experiencing imposter syndrome or other limiting beliefs
• Not realizing that doing good work is only part of the puzzle to getting a seat at the table.
• Not knowing how to find allies and sponsors to champion them
• Not getting the support they need to be successful for the long term

This roundtable discussion will consist of an interactive panel discussion spotlighting women leaders from different industries to share their stories and lessons learned on their journey to leadership.

Karina (Guadiz) Mounivong, Vice President, Human Resources, Lumen Bioscience

Kara E. Gerhart, Partner, Director of Client Relations, KKRA LLC

Stephanie Simmons, Director of Trust and Risk Management, Microsoft

Yu-Sun Hwang, Vice President, People, CelLink Corporation

Christine Pompa, Customer Success Coach, Arena, a PTC Business; formerly Vice President of Quality, Wonder

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By Kate