Watch the recording of our recent all-member webinar ‘Too much, too little? Why we need to crack the confidence code.

When women don’t speak up in meetings, fail to achieve career goals or don’t reach leadership positions, it’s attributed to a lack of self-confidence. And yet when women demonstrate high levels of confidence such as being extroverted or assertive, it’s frowned upon.

Why do we prioritise confidence over competence as a leadership trait, particularly when research tell us that ‘over-confidence’ often leads to incompetence? And why do women have to constantly walk the tightrope of fulfilling unclear expectations of what is too much or too little?

We answered these questions and more during the panel with private equity professionals, including:

Carina Derrick, Business Psychologist, Leadership, Learning and Behaviour Change
Gurpreet Manku, Incoming Level 20 CEO
Christophe De Vusser, Partner, Bain & Company
Emma Watford, Co-Head of UK Investment team, Bridgepoint Europe

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By Kate