In today’s society, the message of body positivity and self-love is not just a passing trend but a movement. People all over the world are coming together to redefine traditional beauty standards and embrace diversity in all forms.

Historically, beauty has been defined by a narrow set of standards that have left many feeling left out or ashamed of their bodies and features. Society has held up tall, thin, cisgender, able-bodied, and white as the ideal, leaving so many people behind.

But now, many are pushing back against these rigid definitions and advocating for a more inclusive and holistic understanding of what makes someone beautiful. The body positivity movement has been gaining traction in recent years with advocates on social media, in public forums, and even in political spaces.

Body positivity aims to promote the acceptance of all bodies, regardless of shape, size, perceived flaws, or differences. It celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and encourages individuals to love and care for their bodies regardless of societal beauty standards.

This movement is founded on the belief that everyone should feel good in their skin and that our bodies are not objects to be judged or manipulated, but rather precious vessels that help us experience the world around us.

Self-love goes hand in hand with body positivity as the practice of cherishing one’s self unconditionally. This encompasses creating boundaries, practicing self-care, and forgiving ourselves when we make mistakes.

In a world that profits from our self-doubt, self-love is a radical act. It means breaking away from the harmful narrative that we need to be perfect, and instead, embracing our imperfections as part of our unique identity.

The push for body positivity and self-love has brought about changes in the fashion industry. Modelling agencies are now hiring models of diverse sizes and cultures, and brands are using un-retouched photos of models with stretch marks and cellulite.

Furthermore, more fashion brands are offering a wider range of sizes to accommodate for people of all shapes, sizes and disabilities. This embracement of diversity within the fashion industry promotes a more inclusive message of acceptance.

However, there is still a long way to go in creating a world where people of all types are accepted with open arms. There still exist daily reminders in our media, media coverage and fashion industry that we are facing a battle for creating a world that is accepting of all body types, and that everybody can find confidence and self-love within themselves.

The push for body positivity and self-love is not about promoting an unhealthy lifestyle that disregards health altogether. Rather, it is about creating a world in which everyone can feel comfortable in their own skin and enjoy a healthy lifestyle that works for them.

We must not forget that everyone’s journey to self-love is personal – it’s an individual discovery. However, by centering our efforts around acceptance, compassion, and visibility, we can collectively create a society that celebrates the beauty of difference and promotes the inclusivity that we all deserve.

By Kate