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Dr. Kaci Owner and founder of Speaking Freedom is a Certified Life, Sex & Relationship Coach, Long Time Published Author of It’s My Time, 2006, Podcast Host, Business Strategist, Non-Christian Ordained Minister, and Mediation Specialist. After overcoming all the obstacles of Life, Dr. Kaci grew into a well-rounded and compassionate leader, who has spent most of her adult life dedicated to God and understanding her purpose. Over the last decade Dr. Kaci has been helping anyone she encounters grow in Purpose, Self-Acceptance, Healing beyond Trauma, Showing Love to everyone you encounter, and more! Dr. Kaci believes that Love encompasses Accountability, Responsibility and Self Discipline! After years of research Dr. Kaci, coined as the Cardiologist of the Emotionally Scarred, developed Spiritual Human Behavior, a new area of psychology that brings Spirituality, Human Behavior & Heart Healing to unlock Individual Purpose. The Theory of Spiritual Human Behavior Book is scheduled to be release early 2022, but The Faith Collection, a 4-part self-paced & optional Coach Supported course (4 Audiobooks & 4 Workbooks), as well as other books in production.

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